How to polish and clear the coral

Often, customers ask us: 

How to polish and clear the coral?

How to polish and clear the coral

The coral ready to sell, is polish and bright. Very often during daily use, it tends to become opaque. This often happens with necklaces...

How much is coral worth ?

How much is red coral, and other types of coral, worth is one of the question asked to us very often. There is no rule to establish the exact value of coral, because there are many unknowns.

First of all it’s important to distin...

Cameos series production

Are the shell cameos made using by the pantograph?

One of the most common questions that we are asked by customers who refer to our company specializing in the creation of coral and cameo jewelry in Torre Del Greco, little town ...

How to polish the coral

Polishing the coral with oil: a false myth?

Looking for ideas and tips to polish the coral?

Not infrequently it can happen that a coral jewel in time loses its natural shine and an opaque patina covers it, hiding all its splendor. Often customers, enthusiasts and other jewel...

What is the difference of coral colours

Red, pink or white coral. Which difference?

In this post  we will focus on the many varieties of coral existing in nature and their differences. The best known is, with no doubt, the red coral, but also the...