Torre del Greco

Città di Torre del Greco

Torre del Greco is a municipality in the province of Naples. Fourth joint of Campania, has a population spread across three villages bordering seamless: the capital, the same name, and two villages, including one named in honor of the famous poet Leopardi, who stayed there in the last period of his life. The town is nestled between the slopes of Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. It is famous throughout the world for the fine workmanship of the coral. Developed areas are floriculture, shipbuilding boating, restoration of antique furniture, catering. Many shipping companies also. The town of Torre del Greco is located in the immediate vicinity of Mount Vesuvius. More than any other has suffered over the centuries following the devastation and grief volcanic activity. The city is spread over an area that slopes down from the volcano toward the sea. Do not know exactly the reasons why over time the city changed the name. Before the year one thousand was called Turris Octava. It was around the first half of the century under review that appeared in a document marked "aka the Greek". It is thought that the name is derived from the fact that in the area (most likely in the current baronial castle) there has been a communications tower of the Roman era. This tower, according to a hypothesis very attractive but with little documentation, would be the largest in the Gulf and allowed to Tiberius, then resident in Capri, to communicate with the mainland. The term "greek" refers, however, the production of greek of tufa, a wine typical of the area.

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