How to polish the coral

Polishing the coral with oil: a false myth?

Looking for ideas and tips to polish the coral?

Not infrequently it can happen that a coral jewel in time loses its natural shine and an opaque patina covers it, hiding all its splendor. Often customers, enthusiasts and other jewelers ask us how to polish the coral in the most appropriate way, without risking irreparable damage to their jewel.

One of the "grandmother's methods" that is often heard of is to polish the coral with oil. Surely the viscous liquid, in very small quantities, better if placed on a light cotton cloth, would help to give at least temporarily a brighter appearance, but without a doubt the most appropriate choice to polish the coral, is to turn to the experts , which will clean the coral without damaging the precious material and the whole jewel.

How to clean bamboo coral

Whether it's coral bamboo or the finest momo coral, we've talked about it extensively in our blog, providing useful tips on how to clean coral.

In particular, there are different methods and there are some do-it-yourself techniques. However, it is advisable to contact a company that performs the coral cleaning and polishing service in order to be certain that the jewel is properly handled and worked.



Red coral polishing

It is better to leave scouring pastes and others available for the cleaning of the coral.

It is highly recommended to resort to the effectiveness of the red coral polishing service, which nowadays some specialized companies make available to customers. Our company also performs the service of polishing red coral and other types of coral, making the cleaning of every type of jewelry for customers throughout Italy.

For information on our coral polishing service, simply fill in the contact form on this page or contact us via WhatsApp to receive an immediate response.

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