How much is coral worth ?

How much is red coral, and other types of coral, worth is one of the question asked to us very often. There is no rule to establish the exact value of coral, because there are many unknowns.

First of all it’s important to distinguish the various types of coral used to make jewelry and other manufactured goods:

Red Coral Mediterranean – This type of coral is present all throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Usually it’s red but it could present different shades depending on the fishing area.

Corallo Cerasuolo (scientific name Corallium Elatius): This coral is found in the areas between China and Japan. The color range is very wide, because it starts from a dark pink up to a dark red color, passing through orange colors.

White Coral and Pink Coral (scientific name corallium secundum): Also these two types of coral are found in the areas between China and Japan. The color ranges from white to pink coral.

Coral Moro Japan (scientific name Corallium Japonicum) also called Aka: It’s fished all thrugh the Japanese coasts and Taiwan Island and it is very dark red.


How to establish the real coral value

Other elements that serve to understand the correct value of coral are:

Quality: people say that of the coral does not throw away anything. By the way not all coral is of very good quality. The quality is the most important factor for determining the value of the coral

Greatness: as well as diamonds, even the coral is more valuable if it is bigger and the price could increase exponentially, obviously all with the due proportions. To make an example, a measure of 8 mm is a small measure if we are talking about Asian corals, but at the same time, it turns out to be a mean average for the Red Mediterranean coral, because this element depends on the coral nature and on the depth, where the coral is fished.

Color: there are different colors of coral. The types of coral most colorful and darker have a higher economic value.

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