How to polish coral and cameo jewels

We've already seen how to clear the coral and the cameos. Now we are going tp describe you the best way for cleaning and polishing coral and cameos jewelry correctly.

How to clean coral and cameo jewelry properly

Often people asks to us the correct way to clean coral jewels and to polish jewelry with cameos properly. It's important to know how to clean coral and cameo jewels in order to preserve their natural charme.

Obviously coral and cameos can't be treated by the same process usually used to clean precious metals, as gold and silver. Those ones are dangerous for delicate materials like coral and cameos, because the jewelry could lose its natural colour or, in the worst case, break them up. 

How to restore the coral and cameo jewels 

You can use two different ways to restore the natural color of coral and cameos, that could be lost by wearing them day by day. The first one is based on the disassembly of the precious material from the golf or silver basement. This one would be the best solution ever, when you want to clean both materials, the coral or cameo and the precious metal, where they are assembly on, because the different materials have different cleaning processes. 

The second method foresees the use of a rotating brush. if you choose this last method, you must pay attention to not damage the precious materials, because touching the brush, coral and cameos can change their color or break up. 

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