925byAucella Silver Jewellery

The beginning of 2011 coincides with the beginning of a new adventure for Aucella: the launch of a new brand. A brand that embraces the old manufacturing tradition torrese and new trends. A new way to interpret the jewel, using a metal such as silver (hence the abbreviation 925) which, though less noble gold, still manages to convey an irresistible charm and in step with fashion.

Each individual article is a masterpiece because the same is the care that typically craft Aucella employs, today shewn more precise and refined with the aid of technologies.

Paint Your Life

Aucella refreshes the style torrese with a series of leather bracelets and cameo. Slaves red or blue, but also wanting to green flag. A new signed "925byAucella", for those who love beautiful jewelry surprise, easy class.

Skin colored, soft to wear, decorated with cameos in the purest style of the Greek Tower. The centers are all roses and flowers, but you can also choose a butterfly. Or a cupid that throws the proverbial arrow of passion. Aucella works, trades, and enhances coral cameos (and vicinity) since 1930. His experience now suggests a type of bracelet that, while proceeding in the same stylistic line, welcomes a fun variation, an unusual fusion. But when there is Cupid, there is everything.

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