Coral and cameos jewelry, in Torre del Greco

Eighty years. Four generations. Just one way to do business. Our company in Torre del Greco, not far from Naples, creates fine coral and cameos jewelry since 1930. We are specialized also in pearls and semiprecious stones. Over the years, our family-run company has been able to anticipate trends, without forgetting its tradition. Aucella, thanks to artisans and experts that are working in, is a true guarantee of elegance and unique quality.


Tradition and innovation, a true passion with Torre del Greco

The little seaside town near Naples is famous in the world for the unicity of coral and cameos works, and it’s with this location that the Aucella’s share thier own story. Since the end of XIX century Aucella has become part of this precious world, when the company was founded by “Il Commendatore Giovanni Aucella”: from that moment started a real dream.


A wholesale company taken to retail

During the Second World War we must to stop the work, but in the 1930's it was Giovanni Aucella who joined the processing and sale of coral and cameo, taking the wholesale to a retail company too, opening a store in what Is now the historical jewelry shop in Torre del Greco, where today you can locally buy our creations.

Not just corals and cameos. We offer a rich and finest selection of pearls, Akoya and river, and semi-precious stones, such as turquoise or agate. Agate cameos are a little treasure that you can find in our company. To have more info about that, you can contact us.

Over the years, the activity was handed over to his sons Giovanni Battista and Carmine. It is with them that the company has looked out to the world, attending the most important trade shows and making the Aucella brand  known everywhere. We are always present at international events every year in the cities of Vicenza, Milan, Tokyo, Kobe, Hong Kong, New York and Las Vegas.

Today the company has come to the fourth generation. Carmine, Vincenzo and Manuel are now updating their offer , proposing new brands for younger people, as Amami Pearls and 925by Aucella, or Aucella Luxury designed for people that desire unique luxury jewelry.

Don’t miss our customization service: you can create every kind of jewelry as you desire. Over time, our services have changed and updated, but we never missed the passion for tradition and love for work that goes beyond time.