Aucella and Assocoral: story of a passion

The company Aucella is inextricably linked to the processing of coral and the production of cameos, activities that have made the little town of Torre del Greco known in the world.

There is another very strong link, this link is between the Aucella’s family and the Assocoral, the National Association of Coral Producers, Cameos and Related Subjects that promotes and supports Jewelry designer, manufacturers and other workers specialized in the coral and cameos jewelry production.

Since its foundation

The trade association was created in Torre del Greco, in the province of Naples, in 1977 and the Commendatore Giovanni Aucella, founder of our company, attended at the meeting of the.

The association was born as an inevitable and natural continuation of the union of coral and cameos producers and designers that it’d already been during the  twentieth century.

The main concept of the association, now as in the past, is the collaboration and cooperation between the different coral and cameos producers and designers, to promote, enhance and protect the production of little and precious masterpieces, because they made Torre del Greco an authentic iconic town at all times.

A project in which to believe

The Aucella jewelry factory is going on the promotion of this association, supporting any initiative, because its common belief that the group work is essential for growth. Is this the real secret of the success of treasures of Torre del Greco.

To know more about our experience with Assocoral, feel free to contact us.

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