Coral polishing: shiny jewels always like new

Coral is undoubtedly a fascinating and elegant precious material. Much of its charm is due to the shiny and smooth surface that distinguishes it. However, this gloss with time may be lost, causing the jewel to be kept hidden in coral, thus avoiding to show it off fiercely.

This can happen for different reasons, often due to improper care of the material. Among the services offered by our historic company of Torre del Greco to bring back to the original splendor the coral there is also the polishing.

The coral polishing service is available for customers all over Italy. It is possible to send the jewel by courier, then our experts will provide the necessary treatment and then send the product back to the owner.

A second life to the coral

It is not rare to find among the jewels that belonged to relatives creations in coral now faded, or rather opaque. This effect is very often due to bad use habits of jewelry, which we will discuss later.

However, there is another plausible cause that can be traced back to the habit of polishing the coral, especially the red and pink coral, once the jewel is assembled. In order to return to normal shine any creation is sufficient to subject the coral to a professional polishing treatment.

Some secrets for a shining coral

It is essential to take care of your coral jewelry. In particular, as for pearls, it is advisable to wear the coral only after putting perfumes or lotions, which otherwise would attack it ruining it, and it is not appropriate to show it in the pool or in the shower.

To keep necklaces and bracelets at their best it is good to remove them and re-inflate them from time to time. To do this it is advisable once again to consult experts, to enjoy the right guarantee of getting back a jewel of true quality.

To find out more about the restoration, threading, polishing and restoration service and for a free estimate, contact us immediately.

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