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How to polish and clear the coral

Often, customers ask us: 

How to polish and clear the coral?

How to polish and clear the coral

The coral ready to sell, is polish and bright. Very often during daily use, it tends to become opaque. This often happens with necklaces, because in touch with our skin. Acidic substances such as perfumes, creams or sweat, speed up the opacification process. How to clean and polish our coral? First of all, don't use any kind of products to clean your coral jewelry. Just ask to your trusted jewelry shop. Polish coral process. After the working processes, the color is red matte. To clean and make it shining, we use a kind of technique called rubbing. Many years ago (before technology) this process consisted to insert the coral in bags and rubbing. Today we have cilindric items who turns. In those machines we put the coral mixed with water and some products, for wash and clean. This process work for loose coral. In case we have coral jewels, we use rotating brush.

How to preserve the brightness

  • Prevent the contact with perfumes or creams

  • After daily use, clean the coral with soft cloth, then put it back in the box

  • Prevent changes temperature.

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