Processing stages of the coral

Lavorazione Corallo Torre del Greco

Whether it's a work of Coral smooth or engraving, the production chain in part certainly with the choice of raw piece of Coral. To do this, you need to wash the Coral for deletion that covers the whole of the branch, for a more detailed view of color, quality and size. In fact, the artisan does not choose the pieces of raw processing base that wants to do ... but most times it must make a specific employee by the coral in front of him. We pass, therefore, an initial selection and begins to cut according to the type of processing. As for the smooth, fresh cut pieces of coral are riddled with a special tool to divide them by size and then by color and quality. According to the finished product to be produced, these pieces will be first flattened and then rounded off giving the desired shape. For some types of production, we need that these are holes in them, or half hole to hole. In the past this process was carried out with an instrument shaped like a bow tip in steel. Today, however, this tool gives way to semi-automatic machines that allow us to save time and with higher quality. As regards, however, the incisions, the artisan rounds ( "Aggarbati") a raw piece of Coral giving a rounded form. Passes, then the implementation pitch of the piece of coral on the wooden rod (merged) with the hot glue, which will allow the artisan to manipulate the piece with ease. Let us therefore begin to affect the coral through the use of precision instruments, such as Burlini or electric motors, giving space to your imagination, guided and inspired by the same branch of Coral. One of the last stages of the supply chain is the same for both types of processing, namely the stage of purification and cleaning of the Coral that will give the same to its luster. For most of the production of smooth, pass, finally, all'infilatura of these elements now finished coral, forming necklaces of different lengths.

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