How to clean a cameo: tips and techniques for a jewel like new

As we have seen for the coral, even the cameo jewels may lose their luster over time. Very often the main cause of this phenomenon is due to some bad habits, quite common among those who wear jewels.

In particular, if you're wondering

How to clean a cameo

We will answer you in this article dedicated to tips and with little secrets on the most suitable method to clean a cameo. Over time, the cameo may lose its initial shine, leaving room for a thin layer of dust or dirt. So how to eliminate any impurities from their cameos?

Cleaning the cameo at home

Unlike the coral, for which we strongly discourage any personal initiative for its polishing, to clean the cameo, you can try to clean them at home, without necessarily resorting to your own jewelers of trust. This is possible at least when the cameo does not have a very deep layer of dirt. It is therefore very important to objectively evaluate the actual state of the cameo itself.

How to clean the cameo

To proceed with cleaning the cameo, simply use a common toothbrush with soft bristle. The toothbrush must be moistened with water and mild soap. The cameo should be rubbed gently. In this way it will be possible to try to remove the dirt, which could be present inside the bas-relief. This may be necessary especially if the cameo has many closed points.

Hydrate the cameo After cleaning the cameo, it is advisable to moisturize it, using moisturizing oil that is commonly used for children. It may be useful to use a cotton swab with which to rub gently on the cameo. Finally, remove any oil residues with a dry cloth.

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