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Tailored cameos

Tailored cameos

Personalizing cameos: engrave your memories

When someone thinks to shell cameos, the mind immediately goes to the classic grandmother cameos, those with the lady reproduced in profile, which for over two hundred years continues to be engraved on sardonyx or carnelian cameos for over two hundred years. In recent times, however, the world of cameos has been undergoing an interesting evolution: more and more people are requesting to customize cameos.

Personalized cameos

The trend of personalizing cameos is a real response to new trends by one of the oldest traditions, which distinguish made in Italy and the world of jewelry. Personalized cameos have made it possible to rejuvenate a jewel once reserved for women of mature age, transforming itself into the vehicle of a unique and original, trendy and youthful message. Personalizing cameos is possible thanks to the skill of the engravers, who are called upon to create the most diverse subjects every day. Today it is more and more widespread the fashion to imprint forever on a shell the photo of your sweetheart, of your daughter, of your pet.

The cameo engraving

Cameo engraving lends itself to this type of customization of cameos, remembering that from drawing to engraving, everything is done completely by hand. It will not be an exact transposition of the photo on the shell, nor a caricature, but a faithful representation, certainly recognizable. Not just photos; cameos with logos, a name, a much loved place, a zodiac sign, a memory or any significant subject are also very popular. You can view a gallery of cameos customizations at the following link:
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