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The new smaller red coral mouth necklacev

Original lolita lobosco

It has been the most desired for a few seasons and now it is preparing to be confirmed as a real must-have even across the border. We are talking about our necklace with a natural red coral mouth from the Mediterranean. 


If in the previous season we presented the necklace in other variations, pendant, ring and earrings in five different colors and made with natural materials or made in the laboratory, this year we offer the same necklace in a reduced size, to respond to the latest trends, which see minimalism making its way, among women who love to show off a well-groomed look and at the same time wear a jewel that takes on a message, which becomes the symbol of a way of being and a sign of belonging. 


There are more and more women who love to wear the necklace as a feminine symbol, the emblem of a woman who is aware of herself and her belonging. 


The small size of the central pendant made of red coral that can be mounted on both a gold and silver chain, make the jewel perfect to be worn with originality and style even accompanied by other necklaces, in different materials or with pearls. The incredible adaptability of the pendant is the real trump card of a creation that is conquering more and more markets, ready to become the protagonist of style beyond all borders. 


A plus, our necklaces are now even more affordable: the same quality and attention to detail at an unbeatable price. 

Will you be able to resist our latest proposals?


Contact us for more details or browse our catalog to find out what's new.

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