Pearls: precious jewel or bijoux?

Jewelry with pearls

The stylish icon Coco Chanel had no doubt to say that the pearls (link were never enough. They can be worn with any outfit without hesitation: morning suit, jeans and cotton shirt, little black dress. There are no contraindications, the pearls always give a touch of elegance to every woman.

A discreet seven-millimeter-diameter wire for the youngest, from nine millimeters upwards in their twenties. In a single round neckline, double or triple strand or still mounted in a long strand to enhance the décolleté, the possibilities to customize the necklace are as many as the colors and shades to choose from are different: white, ivory, pink, gray, black and gold.

Jewels for every woman

Worn in sets with earrings, bracelets and rings or alone, they illuminate the face expressing personality without necessarily requiring an impossible investment. The large variety of pearls available makes it an elegant and accessible jewel (link for everyday wear.

Pearls are perfect for all occasions and all ages, the idea that they should be chosen after the age of forty and exclusively combined with a challenging evening dress is now outdated. One pearl a day won't keep the doctor away but it sure helps a good mood!

Pearls and their versatility

To ensure the versatility of these precious materials, the choice of the setting is decisive, a jolly clasp with a simple line in silver, white gold or yellow guarantees a combination with any style while, an important spring in precious stones, is suitable for a special toilet. Beware of perfume and hair spray!

Pearls ( ) are afraid of acid substances, to preserve their beauty you should wear them after make-up and rub them with a soft cloth before storing them to eliminate traces of sweat.

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