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Made in Torre del Greco

Made in Torre del Greco

Made in Torre del Greco, the first world certification in the world for coral and cameo

Made in Torre del Greco is much more than a simple, unique collective brand used by all the members of the Assocoral. The symbol comes from a well-structured system, which has a precise final objective: to guarantee a unique standard in the world of certification for all jewels and semi-finished coral or cameo products made in Torre del Greco.

More sophisticated than a gemological report, the certification uses a qr-code that links the coral or cameo jewel or semi-finished product to a guarantee certificate. In this way, both the operators of the sector and the final consumers will always have access to all the information concerning that specific product, from the producer to the consumer.

Certification of origin

The certificate will contain detailed information on the origin of the raw material, its quality, dimensions and photos. In the same way, it will be easy to recover elements that certify their sustainability and traceability. The Made in Torre del Greco certification is also an excellent tool for guaranteeing the history and culture of the town near Naples, which for over two hundred years has been unique in the world thanks to its excellent and precious artistic tradition.

Made in Torre del Greco is a project that is the result of a long work, which lasted years and was born in the wake of another collective brand of the Assocoral, Gioielli di Torre del Greco, established in 2003. It is after almost twenty years that the need to update the brand, giving it an international appeal, working concretely and exploiting new technologies.

The guarantee in a QR code

The system provides for the insertion of information in a blockchain which guarantees the integrity and inalterability of the data. The qr-code will then be easy to use with your smartphone. Made in Torre del Greco, a certification that is useful to all and easily accessible.

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