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Ethnic jewelry, new trends

Ethnic jewelry Ethnic jewels can attract for their diversity in the choice of stones, for the originality of the workmanship, for the combination of colors and for the unusual shapes. Each of them is an expression of the culture, myths, legends and beliefs of a group of people in a given era in a given place. The jewels are always an expression of a feeling that manifests itself in the shapes and colors, igniting our imagination.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and diadems can contain an apotropaic meaning of amulets that ward off negative influences or be designed to propitiate luck and good luck as happens for coral worked in the form of superstitious horn. Ethnic jewelry often strikes the imagination, arousing an emotion that captures the eye.


How to wear ethnic jewelry

How to wear it and where to combine it is secondary to the attraction it exerts, if very colorful and colorful it will look good on a solid color dress and if embellished with a work that attracts the eye it will be perfect to give a touch of personality to a sober outfit.

The materials used for their construction can be of various kinds, the metals not necessarily noble, but the energy charge, that, is never lacking.

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