The Nature of the Coral

Corallo Torre del Greco

Coral, stone magic and symbolism in ancient meets three kingdoms in nature: animal, vegetable and mineral.
For centuries, naturalists consider it a marine plant that petrifies once extracted from water. Only with the 700 thanks to the doctor's office Peyssonel Marseilles, we discover the true nature of "marine animal" in the red gem. The numerous species and genera of corals are but the scaffolding endoscheletrica branched secreted by a colonial marine coelenterates Anthozoa, which lives in temperate waters.
Nature is the same for each provenance and color, for deposits Asian, Polynesian, African, Mediterranean, whites, pink, red, orange and salmon, bright reds and dark tones, to black.
Among the organic materials used in the coral comes after ivory, bone and amber, although its first discovery dates back to Neolithic times in the form of twigs and rough screens just sketched.