Coral jewelry: the red gold of Torre del Greco

Uniqueness, elegance, peculiarity: 3 of the main features of the coral, which forms an inseparable combination with the town on the slopes of Vesuvius, Torre del Greco. It is precisely in this city that the Aucella family has over the centuries dedicated itself to coral manufacturing, giving rise to creations that have contributed to make the made in Italy in the world.

The coral. The scientific classification

The organisms belonging to the Class of Antozoi are indicated by the term "coral". Specifically, coral is formed by small colonies of marine microorganisms, which may vary in color. Commonly known as coral is a precious red-colored material. Actually, according to the composition, it can vary from white to pink to pale red. In the goldsmith sector, only some of the 27 known coral reefs are used.

Red coral, the most well-known coral

When thinking about Tower of the Greco and its jewels, surely the first image that comes to mind is the red coral, also known as coral rubrium, a species that prolips in our Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This quality of coral is not difficult to find even along our coast. For our coral jewelry we carefully select the branches that our craftsmen will go to work. Often the coral jewel is already in the sprig. The corral of the coral will be interpreted.

Between nature and magic

The charm of coral has always been known. He has been recognized as magical powers and healing powers. Numerous are the legends and traditions that have been replicated over the centuries. His performances in highly prestigious artwork are also lacking. The Renaissance paintings of the Madonna del Colletto del Masaccio or the Madonna of Senigallia and the Pala di Brera by Piero della Francesco.

Torre del Greco and coral in the nineteenth century  

Between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the town of Torre del Greco tied the name to coral work, thanks to the flourishing fishing and red gold working together with the creation of cammei. His activities were the definition of "golden sponge" coined by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon itself. It is no coincidence that the Tower of the Greek is known in the world as the "world capital of coral".