More than a company. Our is an ancient family of coral masters, animated by what we like to call "a mysterious disease", the passion for real works of art to be worn in coral and cameo.
CORAL We import and work coral. We sell semi-finished and finished jewelery.
CAMEO We create unique cameos. You can choose between cameos to mount and other mounts.
PEARLS We import and create jewelery with pearls. With fresh water and Akoya, we give life to elegance.

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Our historical site is located in the province of Naples, but you can buy our creations in our showroom at the Centro Orafo Il Tarì in Marcianise, Caserta - office number 106 .
The showroom is accessible only to operators in the sector


We offer coral of excellent quality of various types and different origins. From red coral to pink and white coral: different sizes and sizes are available in our semi-finished product.


Cameos engraved on sardonic shell and evocative blue jade cameos of different invoice and various sizes are ready to be assembled to give life to jewelry and creations.


Precious Akoya pearls and delicate freshwater pearls alternate between our proposals. In this way we respond to all needs. Elegance to wear for all ages.


The master craftsmen of the Aucella company collaborate with jewelry designers and experts for unique creations, real works of art to wear. The jewels belonging to the Aucella Luxury line belong to the same sector.


Hard stones are not missing from the semi-finished product range. Turquoise, agate, chrysopace and much more for those in search of precious materials of excellent quality to be assembled in delicate jewels.


Aucella is not just semi-finished. There are many collections and lines available in jewelers. 925 by Aucella and Amami Pearls are aimed at a young and dynamic client, who loves style.

Tarì MondoPrezioso 8/11 Marzo 2019

 Tarì MondoPrezioso 8/11 Marzo 2019

Torna l'appuntamento con lo stile e il glamour. Durante Tarì Mondoprezioso al Centro Orafo Il Tarì di Marcianise vi aspettiamo allo showroom 106, per mostrarvi una novità tra i nostri prodotti. Un nuovo modo di interpretare i gioielli, perché l'eleganza è accessibile a tutti. Dall'8 all'11 marzo celebriamo l'eleganza femminile.


Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

28 February - 4 March

Our biggest news for this 2019. All our better collections and unique creations will be showed at Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. Join us to discover our unique luxury jewels. Appointment to the Convention Exhibition Center (CEC) 3C-D18. Made in Italy Highest Quality.

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Cameos series production

Are the shell cameos made using by the pantograph?

One of the most common questions that we are asked by customers who refer to our company specializing in the creation of coral and cameo jewelry in Torre Del Greco, little town not far from Naples, is:

"Are the cameos on a shell made by the pantograph?"

Produzione cammei in serie

How to polish the coral

Polishing the coral with oil: a false myth?

Looking for ideas and tips to polish the coral?

Not infrequently it can happen that a coral jewel in time loses its natural shine and an opaque patina covers it, hiding all its splendor. Often customers, enthusiasts and other jewelers ask us how to polish the coral in the most appropriate way, without risking irreparable damage to their jewel.

How to polish the coral